Pest Rodent Termite Georgia


We've put together this handy list of common local (Georgia) pests, so that you can more easily identify what is 'bugging' you, and know more about the hazards surrounding an infestation.


ANTS: Carpenter, Fire, Pavement, Argentine, Thief, Pharoah, and Odorous House Ants.
Hazards: Wood Damage, Biting, Stinging.


FLEAS: Cat, Dog, Northern Rat, Oriental Rat, and Rabbit Fleas.
Hazards: Biting, Disease, Allergies, Skin Irritations, Tapeworm.


RODENTS: House Mice, Norway Wharf, and Roof Rats.
Hazards: Disease, Wood Damage, Biting, Parasites, Fire Hazard.


ROACHES: German, Palmetto, Oriental, and American Cockroaches.
Hazards: Allergies, Food Contamination, Disease, Unpleasant Odor.

SPIDERS: Black Widow, Brown Recluse Spiders.
Hazards: Venomous spider bites are painful and can cause death. Seek immediate medical attention if a bite is suspected.
MOSQUITOS: Asian Tiger, Common
Hazards: Many diseases are carried by mosquitos, and thier bites can be painful and become infected in some people.

For more info about these and other pests visit this very informative website: Pest Web.


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