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Pest Management

Today, Integrated Pest Management means using identification, sanitation, exclusion, physical methods (trapping, swatting, glue boards, vacumming, etc.), and when needed, resorting to chemicals (baits, attractants, repellents, growth regulators, etc.).

Science has given us a wide range of excellent pest management tools along with more knowledge about the pests themselves. This gives Redfern Pest Solutions many choices when tailoring a pest management program to fit your specific needs. Our Integrated Pest Management Program utilizes the highest quality and safest chemicals available in the market today.

Our Integrated Pest Management approach also involves you, the customer. It is a partnership between you and Redfern Pest Solutions, Inc. We want you to do your part through good sanitation, repairing leaks, repairing structural problems, and telling us what pests you see when we are not there. Neither you, nor we, can possibly solve any pest problem for very long without a partnership.

We also launched Partners in Education in which we donate a percentage of earnings from our pest control customers to a school of their choice. Contact us for a free estimate and to learn more about Partners in Education!

Non-Chemical Solutions

With integrated pest management being the foremost consideration, non-chemical techniques should be considered and used whenever possible. The following techniques can be used for managing pests in residences.


Sealing cracks and holes in the home's exterior to prevent pests from entering.

Harborage removal

Eliminating piles of wood, bricks, leaves and removing vegetation gives fewer sites where pests can live in proximity to the home.


Checking incoming supplies, such as groceries, to intercept pests before they can become established inside.

Environmental Alteration

Installing foundation and attic vents to reduce moisture in crawl spaces and attics makes these environments less hospitable to pests.


In homes, traps are used most often to quickly reduce rodent populations.


Monitoring traps are used to (1) detect what type of pests are present and (2) determine where pests are most active. Both sticky traps placed at floor level and stored product pheromone traps are often used in homes.


Vacuums are effective for quickly reducing cockroach and spider populations. Vacuuming is also useful in removing carpenter ant colonies and paper wasps.

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